IDO Guide

Poolz Community Update & IDO Tier Structure

Dear Poolz Community,
In recent days, we have collected quite a lot of feedback from the community with the intent of refreshing the current IDO system and bringing a new, sustainable, and long-term IDO mechanism.
Based on this feedback we have decided the following update for the IDO allocation system:
Overview of Updates (starting 2-Jun-2021):
1. Staked POOLZ tokens / LP tokens will be counted as 2x.
2. Unstaked Poolz (just hold in your wallet) will be counted as 1x.
3. The IDO duration will be increased to 6-12 hours to accommodate across time zones and eliminate stress
4. Improvement of whitelist flow experience
5. Top 100 holders (according to our leaderboard) will have guaranteed allocation.
6. The system for lottery tickets will be changed. (250 staked Poolz = 1 Ticket, 500 unstaked Poolz = 1 ticket).
7. Besides public sales going forward we will also offer private sales. We will start this month with quality over quantity. The Top 100 will get guaranteed allocations (note that overall allocations for private sales will be much bigger).
8. We will have a synthetic token and bridge in order to reduce 95% of IDO gas fees. Claim ➡️ Airdrop.
Important Notice!
As of June 1st , all of the staking pools are counted as 2x.
Moreover, we are happy to announce our first burning for Poolz tokens very soon 🔥
Poolz team 💫